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The Personal Portfolio Approach

Our Investment Philosophy

Preservation of Capital
Creating Tax Preferred Income
Maintaining Consistent Returns

Before we decide to begin in our partnership, it is essential that we’re compatible.  Basically, do we think we will work well together?  We will discuss things like the challenges you face, the opportunities you have and strengths you possess.  After this initial meeting, we will decide together if it makes sense to take it to the next step.

During this step, we look at the proposed partnership strictly from a business perspective.  We review all of your financial statements, consider your tax situation and review your current investment portfolio.

We will honestly ask ourselves, are we in an ideal position to help you achieve your goals?  Can you truly benefit from our approach to wealth management?  If the answer is yes, we will take it to the next step.

At this stage, we propose a “game plan” for the management of your wealth.  We will present you with a detailed financial strategy.  The strategy will outline guidelines for how we will invest your assets.  This includes an appraisal of your risk tolerance, investment timeframes and asset allocation model.  Your tailored strategies will address other areas of wealth management relevant to your situation, including tax, estate, and retirement planning.  It gives us a roadmap to work with.

Next, we will implement your game plan.  We establish necessary accounts and arrange transfers.  Then we construct your investment portfolio based on the guidelines established in the previous step.  We analyze costs such as fees and taxes that may be triggered due to our suggestions.  As a result, we may recommend to implement our suggestions over a period of time.  During this phase of “bringing it together”, we will keep in touch with you on a regular basis.  The focus of this step is to get you organized with your new account paperwork.  We show you how to read the various statements and provide you with a folder to keep organized.

You have worked hard to build your financial assets and your family’s financial security is vital.

From this session we help you create a solution that will play a key role in protecting both your assets, and your income.

If your ability to earn income is disrupted by illness or injury, even temporarily, it can impact your lifestyle and savings.  Insurance can act as a safety cushion while you regain your health.  Insurance can also play an important role in protecting your assets from the eroding effects of takes and create a lasting legacy for your family or for a charity. Working together we will determine if insurance is an appropriate and cost effective method of protecting your assets.

In our experience, individuals with substantial wealth usually have concerns about control.  For many people, a Will is all that is required to ensure smooth estate settlement.  But for some, in addition to a Will, other elements may be required, including Powers of Attorney and Trusts.  Working in partnership with your lawyer, we can help you plan a comprehensive estate plan that covers all the bases and gives you the control you are looking for.  

Accounting is an important issue for both personal and business investors.  An important step in the Personal Portfolio Approach is to have an integrated strategy with your tax advisor and your investment and retirement plans.  We want to feel that your accountant is providing the services that you need.  

We recognize that wealth management is an ongoing process.  Your personal situation can change.  Markets will definitely change.  With this approach you will have flexibility to anticipate and respond to these changes, both positive and negative.  When we review your portfolio with you in person, we will clarify your performance and compare it with the appropriate benchmarks, and track our progress towards reaching your financial and life goals.

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